HPR vision




“We are the leading independent research agency on HP policy and system in the region”


HPR 5 Strategies

  1. Knowledge generation

                Demand driven and policy-relevant research

  1. Knowledge utilization and distribution

                Right information, in right format, to right user, at right time

  1. Strengthening network

                Promote collaboration among academic and beyond, at national and supra–national levels

  1. Comprehensive capacity building 

                Strengthen individual, organization, network and environmental capacity

  1. Institutional management

                Transparent and efficiency

Areas of work

v  5+1 sub areas:

  • Alcohol policy
  • Food and nutrition policy
  • Breastfeeding Promotion
  • Physical activity
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
  • (Other addiction science areas: future plan)

v   Policy & System

v   Studies = research including  policy evaluation, support other policy actors